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Natural forest tour destination

What's interesting ?

Green Hill Park is part of the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNature Park Cimanggu (forest) with an area 21.32 Ha. Cimanggu Nature Park itself is a nature conservation area that is utilized for tourism and nature recreation (ecotourism). Green Hill Park is located on a side street (at KM 41) Ciwidey tourist area - Situ Patenggang. The natural attractions of Green Hill Park are cool clean air, scenery of 'Mountain Rain Forest' with various types of flora, decades old trees, typical faunas (especially birds), water sources hot and cold water from Mount Patuha, wavy topography.

What can be enjoyed ?

  • Back to nature
  • Clean air
  • Soak in a natural hot-water therapeutic pool
  • Enjoy a natural hot spring sauna
  • Relaxation and natural treatment in fish therapy pond
  • Family and group camps
  • Conservation education activities
  • Outbond activities fun games and paintball
  • Tree planting activity
  • Strawberry planting educational activities
  • 'Survivor in Nature' (Amazing Race) activity
  • Jogging
  • Natural tadabur
  • Explore the forest
  • Introduction and research of flora fauna typical of West Java
  • Wisdom of local cultural heritage 'Seven Well' and 'Sang Hyang Buruan'