Our Facilities

One Day Trip Visit

Price of Admission
Monday - Friday
general Rp 15.000 students Rp 10.000
Saturday & Sunday
general Rp 20.000 students Rp 15.000
Parking Vehicle
Roda Dua Rp 5.000
Roda Empat Rp 20.000
Lebih Dari Roda Empat (Bus, Elf, dll) Rp 75.000


We provide three (3) types of lodging ie, bungalow, bamboo barracks, and exclusive tents will give you an experience of staying in the natural harmony of the mountain rainforest.

Saung Meeting

Suitable for family or relatives who want to gather or hold a meeting. This Saung has capacity up to forty (40) people. Activities at Saung can be equipped with additional equipment including single organ and sound system.

Natural Hot Spring

Using water from the earth's hot water source after being heated by rocks hot Patuha volcano. The temperature of hot water ranges from 40 - 52 C. Water containing calcium, iodine, lithium, radium and sulfur are believed to help the healing process a number of diseases, including joint disease and rheumatism.

Fish Therapy Pond

Swimming therapy with thousands of Nilem fish that can help you feel relaxation with the benefits of healing a number of ailments naturally. Sensai tickled from the touch of the mouth the fish will be directly on the nerve node of the foot to cause a sense of amusement and relax.

Catering 'Dapur Sunda'

Let's enjoy delicious local Sundanese cuisine amidst the beautiful forest atmosphere. A number of traditional menu can be your choice, especially our favorite menu that is 'Lead Completed Fried Chicken'.


Activities are done in the outdoors by performing some upward game simulations either individually or in groups. Various 'games' are arranged for the family as well relatives such as 4K popular games are Cooperation, Compactness, Communication, and Creativity.

Camp Areas

There are two camping locations with a capacity of up to one hundred (100) people. Not to miss the facilities camping as well as campfire.

Jungle Track

Activities along the forest in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNature Park Cimanggu to see the variety flora and fauna in typical wet tropical rain forest of West Java. Besides the Jungle Track route as well to the 'Kerhi Sanghiang Buruan' which is respected by the local community and the 'Seven Well' rescued by local people.

Paint ball

Enjoy a Green Hill Park outdoor simulated game to develop leadership skills to compose ideas, plan and analyze the conditions environment. With beautiful natural conditions in Green Hill Park, Paintball activities will improve courage and 'team work'.